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carneglia guitars

— the power of artistry and music in branding
graphic design and branding project for a master luthier

the client’s request

Daniel Carneglia is an experienced artist who has become renowned  among music connoisseurs.

graphic design and communication strategy for carneglia guitars

Over the years, his expertise has attracted numerous relevant personalities who sought his skills in crafting bespoke musical instruments. Inspired by this demand, he founded Carneglia Guitars - a brand that specializes in crafting custom guitars, each meticulously made by Daniel himself. And, of course, he needed strong branding for it.

Daniel Carneglia's founder of Carneglia Guitars. Graphic and creative treatment

our strategy

We decided to showcase Daniel's exceptional craftsmanship through the art of storytelling by highlighting the dedication and attention to detail that goes into every guitar he creates, making each one an exclusive and one-of-a-kind art piece.

graphic design. authenticity certificate carneglia guitars

the carneglia guitars are not just guitars, they're works of contemporary art with unmatched quality, and we made sure to reflect that through every aspect of the brand, from the manifesto to how it presents itself across different mediums.

graphic design for carneglia guitars

the outcome

An artistic, modern, and innovative branding that provides endless opportunities to showcase Daniel's art.

graphic design for carneglia guitars. Branding implementation

Its color palette combines digital and neutral hues, evoking creativity and playing with various effects, such as word aberrations, gradients, and textures.

typography plays a crucial role, with bold fonts creating a balance with the other graphic elements, complemented by a thin serif font that adds an elegant touch.

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carneglia guitars branding implementation
carneglia guitars branding implementation
carneglia guitars branding implementation
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carneglia guitars branding implementation

carneglia guitars was created by:

Client: Carneglia Group
General Manager: Daniel Carneglia
Industry: Luxury and Music

Spotdly Crew
Creative Director: Cesar Cabrera
Art Director: Mariana Caro
Graphic designer: Mayra Muñoz
Creative Copywriter: Mariangeles Rocha
Customer Success: Alejandra Pernalete
Project Manager: Silvia López

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