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coreo beat

—new visual identity, content, website, and web app for a brand in wellness

the client’s request:

We faced the challenge of revamping a brand that lacked a clear identity and struggled to communicate effectively. From an unintuitive website to a list of inconsistencies, we were determined to give Coreo Beat the refresh it deserved.

Not only did we want to bring a cohesive visual identity to the brand, but also to clearly communicate their monthly subscription services and distinguish them from their enterprise solutions.

Our goal was to unleash the full potential of Coreo Beat with a brand makeover that brings cohesion and freshness.

what they do:

They offer royalty-free music for content creators in wellness and fitness through a monthly subscription. That's why they needed a platform, and also to position the corporate services such as music production, sonic identity and editing.

Our strategy:

Bringing a fresh perspective to a familiar logo, we kick-started the branding process by defining the company's personality. Our goal was to bring differentiation and make a lasting impression on their target audience.

Simplifying communication was key, and we focused on delivering a seamless user experience. With a deeper dive into branding development, we aimed to elevate the company's image and position them as leaders in their industry.

With the brand personality and identity firmly in place, it was time to bring it together with a stunning website. The website needed to not only look beautiful but also function flawlessly.

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the outcome:

Coreo beat's graphic elements have been meticulously crafted to amplify the brand's values and capture the dynamic spirit and energy of the music it represents.

Featuring fluid, rounded, and blurred shapes, these elements are sleek and versatile and contribute to an immersive user experience that truly resonates with audiences.

Moreover, the brand's gradient colors are lively and invigorating, each combination being thoughtfully linked to a specific music or physical activity genre. As they move across the color spectrum, the gradients mimic the rhythm and pulse of the music, creating an unparalleled visual experience.

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Coreo Beat was created by:

Client: Coreo Beat
General Manager: Daniel Carneglia

Spotdly Crew:
Creative Director: Cesar Cabrera
Art Director: Samuel Jurado
Graphic Designer: Sergio Bolivar
Creative Copywriter: Mariangeles Rocha
Technology Leader: José Huerta
Front-end developer: Arturo Cabaleiro

Industry: Wellness & Fitness

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