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— crafting a visual identity for a brand prototype in the event marketing industry

the client’s request:

Our team collaborated with Onxite to create a Software-as-a-Service solution to enhance the efficiency of event marketing evaluation. As with any new product or service, it needs many resources to explain its functionality and present it to the market.

So, Onxite asked us to create a "brand prototype".

  • We started from the ground up, beginning with the naming.
  • The brand prototype needed to be versatile and ready to change as needed for different industries
  • The first product developed under this brand prototype was a CBD-infused seltzer aimed at millennials and Gen Z.

our strategy:

We wanted to create a name that captured the essence of the event marketing industry, so we used words like emotions, experiential, interaction, and happiness for inspiration.

And that's how JOYLY was born! It's a name that's easy to remember and perfectly conveys the excitement of attending an event. Plus, it's not tied to any specific market, making it a versatile choice.

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joyly could be a seltzer, an electric car, an app, a clothing brand, and much more.

the outcome:

For Joyly, we wanted the logo to represent modernity and sleekness perfectly. So we chose a typography that's a mix of futuristic vibes and personality-packed features. Its monospaced and geometric elements make it the perfect font for tech-forward industries.

To make the logo pop, we handpicked a color palette that's a mix of bold and neutral shades. Whether we had to adapt to a brand with a youthful feel, a tech-savvy look, or something more classic, the color options are ideal.


joyly was created by:

Client: Onxite
Event Measurement Strategist & Founder: Marco López

Spotdly Crew:
Creative Director: Cesar Cabrera
Conceptualization: Eduardoluis Manchego
Art Director & Design: Mariana Caro
Creative Copywriter: Mariangeles Rocha
Project Manager: Silvia López
Customer Success Manager: Alejandra Pernalete

Industry: Event Marketing and Experiential

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