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kinetic night

— transforming an event invitation into mobile website and VR experience

the high couture collection inspired a magical world on a mobile platform.

Oscar Carvallo joined the plastic artist Carlos Cruz Diez to create the Voyage Cinetique II collection. Featuring a mixture of kinetic and vibrant art from one to the gothic and mysterious style of the other.

Followed by a successful exposition in Paris Fashion Week, it was 2017 Art Basel’s turn to showcase the pieces at the Perez Art Museum.  

We were tasked with creating a digital invitation for the event and weren't happy with just sending a plain old e-vite. We decided to push the envelope and created a cutting-edge 360 mobile website called www.kineticnight.com, where people could RSVP and secure their spot.

an immersive and exciting experience led by Oscar Carvallo’s voice.

Users could enter the site and explore the art pieces by finding totems hidden in the woods.

Oscar Carvallo shared the story and anecdotes behind each dress as it was revealed. After exploring the 10 totems, guests were able to view the official video for the collection.

fun fact: All the sounds on the website were made exclusively for it. We had a blast doing them!

harmonizing the two artists' styles with our muses from the woods.

We wanted to create a surreal world that combined Oscar Carvallo's gothic style with Carlos Cruz-Diez's colors and shapes. Every forest element was carefully designed to make sense without being too logical. We agreed on using real-life models and added polygonal shapes around them to make it look like they were from a different dimension.

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the technology to bring it all together, from krprano to a-frame.

Tips and tricks: before you start coding, you must know which headset you will use.

As we had the idea of taking this experience to a VR, we had to re-encode all in an A-Frame framework (a Mozilla technology specialized in building VR Experiences) to fit the requirements of the HTC VR headset.

On exhibition day, the VR stand was a hit as visitors were able to fully immerse themselves in the mysterious forest through the headsets, while others could watch the experience unfold on screens and hear the stories behind it. Guests were thrilled to learn more about the art pieces they were about to see live in the next room, and many returned to the stand multiple times throughout the day.

When Oscar Carvallo had the chance to experience his forest in VR, he was ecstatic. He could re-discover his pieces from a new digital perspective and was thrilled with our interpretation of his Kinetic world.


  • 2,777 registered users
  • 53% attendance confirmed within the first 2 days
  • 1,463 attendees at the event 70% reach
  • On average, visitors spent 2 minutes navigating the 360 mobile website
  • On average, every 3 minutes a person interacted with our VR experience during the event

This project was a win for our team. We got to flex our transmedia muscles and create something cool from a simple event invite. We leveled up on 360 mobile development and found ourselves a rad new client to collaborate with on future projects.


kinetic night was created by:

Client: Oscar Carvallo

Agency: Spotdly
Creative Directors: Cesar Cabrera
Design & Art Director: Renée Tovar
Illustration: Tamara Hadeed
Technology: Eduardoluis Manchego & José de Jesús Huerta
Customer Success Manager: Bibiana Pérez

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