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— giving a brand identity to a company that breaks the mold and changes how you wear aligners

the client’s request:

Our client approached us with a mission to create a visual identity for their brand that would disrupt the traditional perception of invisible aligners. This company specializes in offering aligner treatment to millennials and Gen Z and aims to break down the negative stereotypes associated with wearing aligners.

They were eager to scatter common misconceptions such as discomfort, stress during treatment, and negative comments from others. The visual identity communicated their commitment to making aligner treatment a positive experience.

our strategy:

We decided to celebrate people’s authentic selves with Moud - a community that empowers individuals to embrace their quirks and imperfections as unique qualities that make them stand out.

Moud is more than just a word, it's a movement that encourages you to be confident about your individuality and invites you to spread joy in the world by being yourself.

so, say goodbye to blending in and hello to making a bold personality statement with moud.

the outcome:

Moud was a creative challenge that allowed us to break free from the conventional healthcare industry norms and think out of the box. Our team aimed to craft a brand identity that exuded a disruptive and "cool" vibe, and we knew that a modern slab typography with a geometric touch would be perfect for the job.

We chose a playful pastel color palette that gradually fades into a holographic texture, a popular design trend among young people. The resulting look and feel are both futuristic and approachable, making Moud an ideal choice for the next generation of healthcare consumers.

To complete the package, we designed an abstract iconography featuring a happy and comfortable person, perfectly reflecting the brand's personality and ethos. Moud is not just another healthcare brand, but a dynamic and innovative player that young people can relate to and trust.


Moud was created by:

Client: Moud
General Director: Germán García

Spotdly Crew:
Creative Director: César Cabrera
Art Director: Mariana Caro & Renée Tovar  
Creative Copywriter: Mariangeles Rocha

Industry: Health

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