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pepsi beats studio

— a playable interactive website to push the limits of brand engagement

transforming a simple brief into a gaming sensation

Some of the greatest journeys in history have started without a clearly defined roadmap, so hold on to your seat because this is definitely one of them.

Around August 2021, we met with Pepsi for a simple briefing. They knew they wanted to create something cool, on brand and involving music, that would also allow their partners to increase sales. The rest was up to us! It was challenging, but we love to tackle projects that let us set free our creativity.

the journey of creating pepsi beats studio

We gamified the customer journey through a set of different characters and beats, giving them a chance to create mixes, join a community and win great prizes.

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an exploration of character development

We were inspired by the flexibility and versatility of geometrical shapes. We knew mouths would be the centerpiece, so we ensured they were bold, striking, and captivating.

Our characters had to be one-of-a-kind, full of life, and embody the spirit of the brand and the musical genres they represented. With vibrant colors, unforgettable shapes, and larger-than-life personalities, we brought the ideal singers for the platform to life. And we did it all while staying true to Pepsi's philosophy of "Pushing beyond conventions"

five unique and catchy soundtracks

We knew that we had to bring a diverse range of genres to the table. After all, Pepsi is all about embracing every taste and personality.

But we didn't stop there; we went the extra mile to infuse the soundtrack with the essence of the brand by introducing sounds inspired by Pepsi, like the iconic sound of a can opening or the fizz of a freshly poured drink, making it an even more immersive experience for the player.

We worked with some of the best musicians and sound designers to create beats that would make you want to dance, sing along and even play air guitar.

designing for fun and functionality, take a look at the gameplay experience

At Pepsi Beats Studio, we understood that a visually stunning design and an amazing look and feel would mean nothing if the gameplay didn't hook users and entice them to visit our commercial partners and buy products for more chances to play.

That's why we kept the gameplay rules clear. Players simply had to:

  • Drag a sound to each character
  • Click on the character to deactivate the sound and add another one
  • To create their mix, click on 'record' and make adjustments while recording
  • And finally, if they liked the result, they could click 'publish' and share their creation

But don't be fooled by its simplicity, there's something incredibly addictive about mixing and matching sounds, and trying to create awesome music.

Users needed to buy products to get codes for more "credimixes" (or chances to play) and continue uploading their amazing creations. This added an extra layer of engagement and a solution for the client's initial request to boost sales.

This incredible project allowed us to put our core values into practice: solid strategy, relentless brainstorming, a willingness to pivot and readapt, and a pursuit of perfection in the smallest details.


pepsi beats studio was created by:

Client: Pepsico
LAB eComm & eAFH Manager, FOODS & BEVERAGES: Monserrat González

Agency: Spotdly
Creative Director: Cesar Cabrera
Conceptualization: Renee Tovar & Eduardoluis Manchego
Art Director: Moamed Sampson
Graphic Design: Moamed Sampson
Animation: Kenneth Sampson
Creative Copywriting: Mariangeles Rocha
Technology: Bjørn Fjellstad & Eduardoluis Manchego
Sound Design: Daniel Carneglia
Project Manager/ Customer Success: Silvia López

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