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pepsi music ride

— an online gaming experience to make workplaces fun

By now, you might know it, but one thing we love for sure is getting Pepsi requests that seems super simple and transforming them into incredible, immersive, and interactive projects.

Buckle up and prepare for this trip because we were tasked with thinking of an idea to boost product sales in Workplaces. Yup, it sounds super corporate, but we don’t see things that way.

What are Workplaces for Pepsi? All companies from different industries that offer Pepsi products to employees, maybe in a kiosk or small store.

introducing pepsi music ride, a game to keep people hooked from the first ride!

This game combined the power of a great custom soundtrack, a fun game storyline, fantastic backgrounds, and an original character to create this adventure.

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Here's how it works:

  1. First, make a Pepsi purchase to enter the platform and get ready for some serious fun!
  1. Each purchase gets you three rides to collect as many points as possible. The more you play, the higher your score can be.
  1. The real excitement comes when you exchange your points for prizes. With every ride, you get closer to unlocking bigger and better rewards.

the perfect way to quench your thirst for adventure and refreshment at the same time.

bringing entertainment to the workplace through easy-to-play games: our approach to creating an inclusive experience.

Our game was designed to be accessible and enjoyable for all. No need to be intimidated by complex controls or steep learning curves.

With PEPSI MUSIC RIDE, the focus was on having fun one ‘tap’ at a time. So basically, the mission was to make the character jump by tapping the screen.

On the ride, various obstacles and challenges were presented to test skills and keep players on their toes.

PEPSI MUSIC RIDE highlighted the importance of taking a creative and innovative approach to corporate initiatives. It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that a simple request means a basic or boring result, but as this case study shows, there is always an opportunity to create something truly remarkable.

Our game demonstrates these projects' power as a marketing tool, promoting purchases and creating a positive association with the brand.


pepsi  music ride was created by:

Client: Pepsico
LAB eComm & eAFH Manager, FOODS & BEVERAGES: Monserrat González

Agency: Spotdly
Creative Director: Cesar Cabrera
Art Director: Moamed Sampson
Graphic Design: Moamed Sampson
Animation: Kenneth Sampson
Creative Copywriting: Mariangeles Rocha
Technology: Hector Cabrera
Sound Design: Daniel Carneglia
Project Manager/ Customer Success: Silvia López

nothing complicated here.

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