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the fizz house

— a bold, witty, and fully immersive pepsi experience

an experiential space to disconnect people from the typical trade show.

The Burger King convention returned after 2 years of pandemic, and our client Pepsi challenged us to conceptualize and develop their booth.


  • We used the ‘Better with Pepsi’ communication platform to create an authentic and fun point of contact with guests.
  • We had to double down on reinforcing that Burger King is always better with Pepsi.
  • The mission was to elevate relationships with different franchises and show Pepsi's innovative capacity.

A bubbly concept:  
the fizz house

a multi-sensorial, picture-ready space to make guests feel like they were elsewhere.

– Our client experience
‘Working with Spotdly truly made a difference. I’m very proud of the result. You went above and beyond expectations. THANK YOU SO MUCH! They say, "What Happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas"... but this time, it must go out and be replicated.’’
Andreina Cappechi
Sr Commercial Manager AFH Global Accounts
– Spotdly Talk
“working with Pepsi is our moment to challenge our creativity and a great learning opportunity; this project wasn't the exception. Each idea came with a unique challenge, but we used the same creative spirit to sort them out, even the tough ones, because our mission was clear: create new ways to interact with the brand, and we did it!”
Cesar Cabrera
Creative Director
– Our client experience
"Infinite thanks to all Spotdly team for their commitment, professionalism, and dedication. Thanks also for your patience and for understanding us. Everyone was very happy. The truth is that we did a GREAT job. Let's go for the next one! ‘’
Laura Belatti
Pepsi Brand Manager
– Spotdly Talk
‘’This was a fun one, for sure! One thing we wanted throughout the process was to be as close to the original concept as possible. Production can be challenging, but that's the fun part of it. How do we make it happen while staying true to our core concept? And I think we did a hell of a great job’’
Renée Tovar
Creative Director

We hate just doing the task. So we created our own thing! A house with 3 rooms to make people discover unexpected moments.
A place to educate guests about the brand’s message in a disruptive way, another one to chill and network, and finally, one to take away a bold souvenir.

What’s the fuss about the ‘fizz’?

Our inspiration and one powerful keyword from the Pepsi language.
It refers to the awesomeness of the liquid and the fun that comes with it.

Into the World of Fizz- a digital trip to elevate senses.

The main experience highlighted the ingredients of a Whopper meal with Pepsi. We wanted to celebrate that tasty combination with an immersive and digital approach. We built a movie theater-like space using projections, sound design, and perfectly crafted animation to make people experience a strong connection with the brand's storytelling.

The journey started showing abstract shapes of each ingredient that shifted into delicious food dancing to the rhythm of the music.

Joined by a typographic game of onomatopoeias and ending on ‘movie credits’ that listed Burger Kings meals you should always order with Pepsi.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

Shhhh, we’re about to share it. It’s our secret.

the throne- a video opportunity for kings and queens.

We couldn’t let people go from our booth with just a photo—shame on us. Instead, they left with a super cool souvenir. A slow-motion video with a WOW background created with LED screens and tailor-made graphics to highlight both brands.

People added their email to a list to receive the video, and guess what…over 200 people were registered!

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a chill area Grab a Pepsi, relax and continue.

At trade shows, people are always on the go, and sometimes they you just need a break. Look no further because we also built a space for that. A chill ambiance, a Pepsi vending machine, and some snacks set the mood and let people connect with others.

the Pepsi Army, forget about regular brand ambassadors.

Such a bold concept like this one couldn’t be matched with models in high heels and dresses.

We  found a diverse group of people with bubbling personalities to improve the experience.
After designing their clothing and giving creative direction, the result was what we expected: They became the cool kids of the convention

We created a memorable experience —and memorable doesn't mean just beautiful or impressive. It means that people will remember what they saw and how they felt while they were there, reinforcing the brand’s fun personality and positive perception: that Pepsi’s booth is always the one you should stop by at every trade show.

thanks to all our team members whose skills meshed together so seamlessly, resulting in a project with our stamp: out-of-this-world.


the fizz house was created by:

Client: PepsiCo
Sr Commercial Manager AFH: Laura Bellati
Global Accounts: Andreina Capecchi

Agency: Spotdly
VP Creative: Cesar Cabrera
Creative Directors: Renée Tovar
Conceptualization: Mariangeles Rocha
Art Director & Design: Samuel Jurado
Creative Copywriter: Mariangeles Rocha
Animation: Freddy Rojas & Samuel Jurado
Video editing: Juan Morales
Sound design: Daniel Carneglia
Project Manager: Silvia López
Customer Success Manager: Alejandra Pernalete

Head of production: Maria Helena Contreras
AV Directors: Alejandro Barreto & Jose Bonora

nothing complicated here.

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