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Mar 8, 2022

new partnership with quash

- an alternative data driven future for credit, is now a reality
Gabriel Ascione
Creative Copywriter

Earlier this month Quash and Spotdly announced that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership that will allow financial institutions to better find, target and qualify ideal candidates for credit applications, making it easier for set institutions to increase approval rates while minimizing risks.

The agreement brings together Quash ́s artificial intelligence, alternative-data driven advanced analysis and applicant evaluation with Spotdly ́s innovative and creative deep understanding of digital consumers and ecosystems, in a mission to give FinancialInstitutions the tools needed to be able to help more people get loans and credits.

Quash is the solution for financial institutions that want to revamp the way they evaluate their credit applicants, taking accuracy levels to new highs, resulting in completely cost-effective and reliable approvals based on established risk appetite, which reduces defaults, non-tolerable delinquencies and potential fraud. Now, it joins forces withSpotdly, a universal, interactive creative studio with 3 cornerstones: technology, creativity and strategy. Standing on these pillars, Spotdly is able to create innovative digital experiences for their clients, connecting users to the content they love to enjoy.

financial Institutions working with Quash and Spotdly will now benefit from four new services:

ACTIVATION OF PREDICTIONS: As an authorized partner, Spotdly can now crosslink anonymous Quash ids and their respective predictions (e.g. Increase credit quota for Business A) with emails gathered from the financial institutions. This match brings forward a great opportunity to target applicants with personalized messages through email, sms and other channels, offering automated predictions.

Through the creation of smart urls, Spotdly and Quash can now offer financial institutions a thorough understanding of the customer journey, from the first touchpoint all the way to the final “Your loan has been pre-approved message”. This is an exciting new feature that will benefit both clients and the end users by improving all communications.

CREDIT GRANT FUNNEL LIST: Both companies share an understanding of the importance of a personalized onboarding page, and now, each client will have the opportunity to have a custom made, optimized Credilanding. Based on all the data gathered by the conversion tracking process and smart urls, financial institutions will have an optimized landing page adjusted to their brand, services and applicants.

PRE-QUALIFIED LEAD GENERATION: If the financial institution wants to get more leads and/or prevent sending wrong candidates to the credit bureau right away and save costs, they can do it. Combining Quash ́s experience and technology with Spotdly ́s innovative, proven strategies, clients will be able to reach their customers in new platforms, where they love to be, like TikTok, Facebook, Amazon, and other technological allies, bringing the finance world into the social sphere.

This alliance is set to revolutionize how financial institutions find and evaluate applicants and how they interact with customers. In a world where data protection and information is such a sensitive subject, this partnership will now allow for the best and safest use of third-party data in compliance with GDPR laws to make sure every customer gets the opportunity to discover and understand the best financial solution for them while protecting their privacy.

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