Jun 12, 2023

flor de caña and spotdly team up

- to raise the bar in the spirits industry
Gabriel Ascione
Creative Copywriter
Social media content, conceptualized and produced by Spotdly for Flor de Caña's digital channels

Get ready to raise a glass to the newest dynamic duo in the world of spirits! Flor de Caña, the award-winning Nicaraguan rum brand, has teamed up with our Universal Interactive Creative Studio, to take the industry by storm with disruptive and innovative content for its digital channels.

Antonella Sandino, Flor de Caña's Digital Marketing Lead, went on a mission to find a partner to take their brand identity to the next level with a fresh, creative concept. In other words, Flor de Caña wanted to blow people's minds, and Antonella found the right creatives to make it happen.

The decision to work with Spotdly was based on our reputation for bringing to life deeply prolific concepts through a creative lens, making us the ideal team to embark on this new challenge.

‘’Working with Spotdly has been such an absolute pleasure. Plus, everyone on the team has an amazing personality. Since day one, I truly felt we all connected very well, which makes it so easy to work with and makes every meeting so much fun! We make such a great team.’’ said Antonella.

Spotdly is not your average creative studio. Our campaigns are visually stunning, immersive, and interactive—taking advertising to a new level. From the tech industry and fashion to food & beverage, we have worked with clients worldwide, pushing boundaries to shake things up. And with CEO Eduardoluis Manchego at the helm, it's no surprise we are known for launching groundbreaking campaigns.

"We're thrilled to be working with Flor de Caña," said Manchego. "Flor de Caña has a rich history and a loyal following, and we're excited to help tell its story in new and innovative ways."

It seems like Flor de Caña found its match with Spotdly—a creative studio ready to take the rum brand to new heights! Our mission as the new creative agency for Flor de Caña is clear: to create digital campaigns that are fashionable, modern, and resonate with distinct target audiences. We are determined to make Flor de Caña the ultimate luxury rum brand that stands out in the industry. With a brand new website in the works and some digital surprises on the horizon, this is just getting started!

"The team’s creativity and professionalism are truly top-notch, and we couldn't be more impressed with all the great work created for Flor de Caña. Thank you for always going above and beyond. Let’s keep up the great work!" Antonella declared.

Social media content, conceptualized and produced by Spotdly for Flor de Caña's digital channels

Both brands are firmly committed to sustainability, a core pillar that resonates throughout their collaboration. Flor de Caña also takes pride in its eco-friendly production methods and looked to Spotdly to extend this unwavering dedication to its digital channels.

Together, they plan to raise awareness about the significance of sustainability in the spirits industry—encouraging others to follow suit in embracing a more environmentally friendly approach. 

Our partnership with Flor de Caña's promises to build an exhilarating journey toward transforming the rum industry's presence in the digital environment.

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