Feb 26, 2024

gustavo cerati the immersive vr experience

- presented by Bélier Arts, Sony Music, and Spotdly

We were thrilled to be invited as a sponsor for the prestigious Ibero-American Film Festival in Miami 2024. Our goal? To showcase the captivating creations of Bélier Arts, renowned for their immersive visuals, set to the unforgettable music of Gustavo Cerati. Through our exciting partnership with them and Sony Music, we brought attendees closer to the Argentine legend than ever before with a mesmerizing virtual reality experience at our booth area.

This VR journey, created by Bélier Arts and directed by Sofía Pérez, Gastón Carballal, and Federico Kalwill; showcased iconic Cerati songs like "Lisa," "Raíz," and "Corazón Delator" from the album "14 Episodios Sinfónicos".

Our team designed a dedicated space at Silverspot Cinema Miami that served as the portal to this musical and virtual odyssey.

Saving a spot for the journey

We also created a booking setup to ensure people could secure their place and select their preferred Cerati songs. This initiative is our way of providing a tailored, organized, and exclusive experience.

This moment at the festival is Spotdly's homage to innovation, music, and cultural icons. Joining forces with Bélier Arts and Sony Music, we form an ideal trio destined to continue celebrating the Latin-American legend.

Stay tuned to our site for the latest updates and more extraordinary adventures. Let's make this happen!

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