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Apr 22, 2022

how we rocked our rebranding

- at the edge of new frontiers
Gabriel Ascione
Creative Copywriter

“We believe that a brand is more than a logo, and rebranding is more than changing how the brand looks. It’s about shaking up its DNA.”

new spotdly logo animation reveal

That’s it. Thank you for coming to our TEDTalk… Just kidding! We’re ready to explore new frontiers, and we want you to know how we’re doing it.

We love shattering the “comfort zone” and we strive to never get into it, that’s why we’ve done the biggest rebranding Spotdly has ever had. And the best part? The journey is just beginning, so fasten your seatbelt, you’re in for a ride!

from ground zero to space heroes

The idea was evident when we first launched: we loved brands and technology. So we embarked on our spaceship with a clear mission. We wanted to combine those passions with helping various decision-makers create stellar brands.

So for a long time, we worked with the most renowned brands as an interactive creative studio. Challenging concepts, notions, and ideas, always trying new things and crossing the chasm.

It’s been an incredible ride, but it was time… we were ready to become a UNIVERSAL interactive creative studio. It may look like we just put another word, but we added a ground-breaking and innovative concept to what we are.

welcome to a brave new world!

The explorer gene is engraved into our DNA. That’s why we understand that we need to keep evolving to go even further. So first, we had to retire our previous rocket, which had given us many creative rides, but we needed to relocate the crew into a new spaceship, one able to take us beyond the borders. The result: A more stylized, sophisticated, and futuristic vehicle for our vision and talent, reflecting that we are prepared for the extraordinary.

the evolution of spotdly's logo for this rebranding

With this spaceship also came the opportunity to leave our mark, because we’re convinced that it isn’t enough to ‘’get the job done’’ but to do your best. And finally, embrace that when you love what you do, the job is never done.

That’s why we created our very own original typography: Tangerine Spotdly Regular.

spotdly's rebranding new custom typography

Simply out-of-this-world, right?

So at that point, we had new destinations to conquer, a new rocket to take us there, and our new typography to make an impact, but we were still not done. We needed something to symbolize how much our team has expanded, bringing a mix of new ideas, talent and knowledge. We sparked creativity by updating our color palette with new colors, amplifying and reflecting the richness of the team that shapes our identity:

spotdly's rebranding new color palette
spotdly's rebranding new color palette

The truth is, we love thinking outside the box. Literally.

spotdly's rebranding backgrounds

Remember when we said that when you do what you love, the job is never done? Yeah, that’s right, we weren’t done yet!

spotdly's rebranding gifs and visual assets

We needed to create the perfect setting, a “space” for all our elements to integrate and tie it all together. Inspired by our love of space, technology, and innovation, we created new visual elements to reflect how just like the universe, our ideas are unlimited, infinite, and timeless.

spotdly's rebranding backgrounds

Being UNIVERSAL means to be comprehensively broad and versatile, without limits, preconceived notions, or exceptions. That’s our mindset when we start a new project or mission. For this team, there are no barriers. There’s only aiming higher.

spotdly's rebranding and evolution

further than we’ve ever gone before

Here’s the thing about going higher: you’ll never go as far as you can if you don’t have solid foundations. We dug deep into our core and essence to define the three pillars on which we would stand to continue our evolution. These pillars are (and btw we just LOVE how the new typography looks):

spotdly's purpose in the creative industry
spotdly's mission in the creative industry
spotdly's vision in the creative industry
we’re not here to help you make your brand a one-day trend. We want to help you make it an above-average, awe-inspiring, long-lasting brand.

Yes, we’re so excited about this new era, and everything left to explore. As we said earlier, it’s not just a face wash; it’s a complete revamping of our brand. Like a space crew, we’re hungry for discoveries, more committed than ever to keep empowering humans and brands with beautiful designs, going beyond innovation, simple, and with no drama.

THAT is a timeless success. Ready to take flight?

spotdly's custom gifs

See you at the next mission! Over and out.

nothing complicated here.

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