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Jan 7, 2022

marco joins the growth department

- this partnership with Spotdly will boost growth and enhance hispanic market sponsorship in the U.S.
Eduardoluis Manchego
marco lopez joins the spotdly crew

Marco Lopez, a data-driven and culturally savvy entrepreneur with years of experience in integrated marketing and event sponsorship, has recently joined forces with Spotdly, a leading creative interactive studio. As a board member and champion of modern measurement for events and sponsorships, Lopez is well-suited to help Spotdly achieve its goals and take its marketing efforts to the next level.

Lopez's expertise in event sponsorship and modern measurement has helped major brands such as Coca-Cola and Verizon to effectively reach and engage with diverse audiences. As a DEI expert, he understands the importance of cultural sensitivity and inclusivity in marketing and has a deep understanding of the Hispanic market.

In his new role at Spotdly, Lopez will be focused on expanding the agency's reach in the rapidly growing Hispanic market in the US. With his data-driven approach and passion for integrated marketing, he is well-positioned to help Spotdly develop and implement highly effective marketing campaigns tailored to this key demographic.

Lopez is also a champion of modern measurement for events and sponsorships. He understands the importance of measuring the impact of sponsorships on brand awareness, customer engagement, and other key metrics, and has helped organizations to effectively track and analyze their results.

With his unique combination of skills and expertise, Lopez is an ideal partner for Spotdly. Together, they are well-positioned to tap into new markets and achieve even greater success in the digital marketing landscape. For businesses looking to grow and expand their reach, partnerships like that of Lopez and Spotdly can be an incredibly powerful tool, enabling them to develop more effective marketing strategies and achieve their goals.

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