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Dec 15, 2022

the positive space night

- a night to celebrate the spirit of the 2022 holidays and the creative connections that made incredible projects possible
Mariangeles Rocha
Creative Copywriter

The eclectic energy of the Wynwood neighborhood was the perfect backdrop for our clients, who were warmly greeted by SPOTDLY's CEO, Eduardoluis Manchego, and Creative Director, Cesar Cabrera.

Upon arrival, guests were invited to immerse themselves in the transformed space - a vibrant mix of installations, lighting, and music. The centerpiece of the gallery was Moi Berlanga's awe-inspiring artwork, showcasing his unique perspective on the world.

As guests mingled and sipped on drinks, they had the chance to connect with each other and exchange ideas, fostering lasting relationships beyond business.

spotdly's team, clients and partners at the positive space night

The highlight of the night was the electrifying performance by David Rondón, the founder of More Discos, who brought his signature blend of funk, disco, and Latin rhythms to the dancefloor.

As the night drew to a close, it became clear that POSITIVE SPACE NIGHT was more than just a festive occasion - it was a tribute to the power of collaboration, creativity, and community. 

By creating a positive space for everyone to come together, we showed just how potent it could be to bring together different minds and talents in pursuit of a shared vision.

spotdly's custom stay positive gif

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