Oct 23, 2023

spotdly talks 5th edition

- primero persona, luego creativo with Luis Palencia
Luis Palencia

At Spotdly, we're all about blending professional growth with fun. Remember our first edition of Spotdly Talks with Luis Palencia? If not, take a trip down memory lane here. Well, Luis graced us again with his presence, and let us tell you, he delivered!

This time, the spotlight was on balancing personal life with the demands of a creative profession (and mind). Luis candidly shared his journey, highlighting the pitfalls of prioritizing creative pursuits over emotional well-being. A 15-year career rollercoaster saw him touching great heights but at a cost - his health, cherished friendships, and the simple joys of life. It's a narrative many creatives can resonate with, where every fleeting thought can spark a new project and the lines between personal and professional blur.

But it wasn't all gloom and doom. Luis's epiphany led him to a path of self-discovery and balance. Drawing from his experiences, he emphasized the need to view oneself as an individual first before donning the creative hat. This perspective is refreshing and essential in a culture that often equates self-worth with accolades and achievements.

Luis's tree analogy was a hit. Just like trees go through seasons, so do creatives. There are periods of abundant creativity, followed by times of introspection and survival. And it's okay! The environment is crucial - a nurturing space that fosters creativity without compromising well-being.

Planning, according to Luis, is the key. Aligning ambitions with actionable steps, understanding the journey, and communicating with loved ones ensures a balanced approach to achieving goals. He also touched upon the significance of daily habits in setting boundaries and the concept of momentum to ensure sustained enthusiasm.

In true Spotdly style, Luis's talk was interspersed with humor, making the profound insights all the more memorable. His ability to connect, inspire, and make us chuckle is what sets him apart. At Spotdly, we always believe in fostering a culture that champions individual growth, collaboration, and much fun!

Stay tuned for more Spotdly Talks. The next one might just feature a juggler or a mime artist. After all, at Spotdly, we're full of surprises!

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