Nov 17, 2023

spotdly talks 6th edition

- ARTE y emocionarte with Natalia Velasco
Natalia Velasco
psychologist, psychotherapist, and healer

Welcome to the latest Spotdly adventure, "Emoción - ARTE y emocionarte," where we embarked into the heart of our emotions with the dynamic Natalia Velasco. Picture a virtual room buzzing with the energy of creative souls, all eager to unravel the mysteries of feelings with a psychologist, psychotherapist, and healer. What unfolded next? A symphony of laughter, revelations, and mind-expanding insights!

With her enthusiasm, Natalia set the stage by introducing us to the concept of our four bodies – mental, physical, emotional, and energy-centered. This was our first 'aha' moment as we began to see ourselves in a new, multifaceted light. It was like being handed a map to navigate the complex terrain of our inner worlds.

As we journeyed deeper, Natalia unveiled the Wheel of Emotions by Robert Plutchik, a vibrant spectrum that turned our understanding of feelings into a vivid kaleidoscope. This wasn't just a theory but a revelation about how our emotions blend, contrast, and dance together, much like a DJ mixing tracks to create a new sound.

But the exploration didn't stop there. Natalia guided us into the fascinating realm of emotional vibration frequencies, inspired by Dr. David R. Hawkins. This was where things got intriguing. We discovered that our emotions aren't just feelings; they're energies, each humming at its frequency. Joy and love were the high notes, lifting our spirits, while fear and anger were the deeper, more challenging bass tones.

The heart of the talk was our deep dive into the basic emotions: joy, anger, disgust, sadness, and fear. With her knack for storytelling, Natalia brought these emotions to life, revealing their hidden depths and purposes. It was like meeting familiar friends and discovering their untold stories.

Natalia wrapped up the talk by bringing us back to the core message: Emotions are the essence of our creative selves. Understanding, embracing, and channeling these emotions can transform our creative processes and outputs. She encouraged us to see emotions not as hindrances but as powerful allies in our journey of creative expression.

As we logged off, the buzz of conversation and exchange of ideas continued. We didn't just leave with a better understanding of our emotions; we left with a new lens to view our creative work and lives. The talk had been more than a session; it was a transformative experience, a journey into the heart of what it means to feel and create.

So, what's next? Stay tuned for more Spotdly Talks, where we'll dive into more uncharted territories. Until then, let's ride the waves of our emotions and channel them into our art, making each creation reflect our vibrant emotional landscapes.

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