Jun 28, 2024

spotdly talks 10th edition

"Principios para Crear un Buen Proyecto" with Erika Marcial
Erika Marcial

At Spotdly, we take our team’s development very seriously, but we also know how to have a good time. After all, who says professional development has to be a boring meeting? That’s why we launched Spotdly Talks, where we invite experts in their field to share their knowledge and inspire us all.

Our latest guest speaker, Erika Marcial, took Spotdly Talks to the next level. Erika, a prominent UI/UX designer, impressed us with her extensive knowledge of usability principles and how to apply them to create successful projects. With over eight years of experience in the design industry, Erika has worked with major clients and led teams at companies like Norelian and Playful Agency.

Mastering Usability Principles

Erika opened the session by discussing Jakob Nielsen’s ten usability heuristics. She explained the relevance of each principle and their impact on user interaction, providing participants with practical tools to identify and apply these heuristics in their projects.

Emphasizing Consistency and Error Prevention

One of the core themes of the talk was the importance of consistency in design. Erika demonstrated how maintaining a coherent visual and terminological language helps users navigate and understand systems better. Additionally, she emphasized error prevention through confirmations and alerts that prevent irreversible actions, thus enhancing the user experience.

Practical Takeaways

Throughout the session, Erika offered practical advice on improving usability in projects. From system status visibility to aesthetic and minimalist design, she provided concrete examples illustrating how each principle can be effectively applied. Erika also highlighted the importance of providing accessible help and documentation to guide users.

Reflection and Future Applications

As the talk concluded, Erika urged everyone to reflect on their design patterns and to actively apply the discussed principles. She stressed that effective usability is essential for personal and professional growth and requires continuous practice and dedication.

About Erika Marcial

Erika Marcial is a UI/UX Designer with over eight years of experience in the design industry. For the past four years, she has focused her career on user-centered interface design, achieving a balance between user needs and client requirements. Currently, Erika leads the UX team at Norelian, where she acts as a direct bridge between stakeholders and the development team, ensuring proposed solutions meet user expectations and needs.

Looking Forward

Erika’s insights into usability heuristics have provided us with valuable tools to enhance our projects. As we continue to grow and develop, the principles she discussed will undoubtedly help us create more user-friendly and efficient systems.

Stay tuned for more Spotdly Talks, where we will continue to explore essential topics that impact our personal and professional lives.

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