Mar 30, 2023

spotdly talks 1st edition

- revamp your creativity and build a strong portfolio with luis palencia
Gabriel Ascione
Creative Copywriter

At Spotdly, we take our Crew development seriously - but we also know how to have a good time. After all, who says professional development has to be a boring meeting? That's why we launched Spotdly Talks, where we bring in guest speakers who are experts in their field to share their knowledge and inspire us all.

Our latest guest speaker, Luis Palencia, AKA "Threz'', took Spotdly Talks to the next level. Luis, a Venezuelan Art Director based in Brooklyn, NY, has made a name for himself in the professional market with his incredible Illustration, Typography, and Branding skills. With clients like Verizon, go90 Soccer, and Absolut Vodka, he's a master of his craft.

But what really made Luis stand out was his ability to make us laugh while he taught us. He applied lessons from stand-up comedy to reflect on his craft and how it can translate to what we all do. Who knew design and humor could go hand in hand?

luis palencia's presentation for the spotdly talk

Not only did Luis inspire us with his insights on the creative process and portfolio building, but he also emphasized the importance of connecting on a personal level. In a remote work environment, it's all too easy to feel isolated - but by encouraging Spotdly’s Crew to share their personal creative projects, we're building a community that supports each other's passions.

We believe in creating a culture that values individual growth and collaboration. That's why we're committed to providing opportunities like Spotdly Talks, where everyone can pursue their passions and creativity with the support of their colleagues and the company.

We've got more amazing talks coming your way. Who knows, maybe our next guest speaker will be a magician or a professional animal trainer. Hey, we said we like to have fun!

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