Sep 11, 2023

spotdly talks 4th edition

- from chaos to happiness: mastering creative organization by Mariangeles Rocha
Mariangeles Rocha
Creative Copywriter

In the bustling corridors of Spotdly, where creativity flows like a river, have you ever wondered how our experts navigate the rapids without capsizing? Well, we've got a treat for you! Straight from the heart of Nicaragua, our Sr. Creative Copywriter, Mariángeles Rocha, spills the beans on mastering the art of creative organization.

Mariángeles claims to have cracked the code every creative soul yearns for: the secret formula to stay zen, even when her Asana board looks like a bustling city during rush hour.

Let’s dive into Mariángeles' Creative Toolbox

The Marathon Mindset: It's not about sprinting through today but pacing oneself for the entire week. Mariángeles emphasizes the art of forward-thinking, planning, and setting clear milestones. By doing so, one can tackle tasks with a clear vision, avoiding the pitfalls of last-minute chaos.

The Multitasking Myth: While the world often celebrates the art of doing multiple things simultaneously, Mariángeles challenges this notion. She advocates for deep work, focusing on one task at a time, ensuring it's done right, and then moving on. This approach enhances the quality of work and saves time in the long run.

Memory's Trusty Sidekicks: In this digital age, relying on apps and reminders is easy. However, she swears by the age-old practice of jotting things down. Whether it's a notebook or sticky notes, having a tangible record can be surprisingly effective.

The Two-Minute Motivation: Procrastination, the age-old enemy of productivity. The trick? Commit to a task for just two minutes. Often, starting is the hardest part. Once you're in, momentum builds, and you're making significant progress before you know it.

Team Dynamics in the Creative World: Creativity isn't a solo journey. How does one ensure that a team with diverse minds and ideas works in harmony? Communication, understanding, and respect are key. Our copywriter emphasizes the importance of open dialogue, setting clear expectations, and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

The Personal Blueprint: One of the most profound takeaways from Mariángeles' talk was the emphasis on self-awareness. Understand how your brain ticks, recognize what conditions make you thrive, and adjust accordingly. Ask reflective questions, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and carve out a personal formula that aligns with your unique creative rhythm.

The Spotdly crew, ever eager to learn and grow, actively participated, sharing their productivity hacks and insights. The session became a melting pot of ideas, strategies, and experiences.

But here's the essence: It wasn't just a talk about getting things done. It was about enjoying the process, finding joy in creation, and ensuring every work was completed and crafted with passion and purpose. At Spotdly, we believe in working hard and intelligent, and Mariángeles' insights are a testament to that philosophy.

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