Dec 20, 2023

spotdly talks 7th edition

- el diseño como estilo de vida con Marya Azzarelli
Marya Azzarelli
Curaduría de interiorismo

In our latest Spotdly Talk, titled "El diseño como estilo de vida" (Design as a Lifestyle), we delved into the captivating design world with experienced expert Mayra Azzarelli. Mayra, who specializes in interior curation and fashion design, brought a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective, combining her deep understanding of design with insights into our everyday lives.

Mayra began the talk by challenging our conventional views of design, emphasizing that it goes beyond aesthetics and reflects our lifestyle, choices, and personality. She introduced the idea that every element in our lives, from our clothes to our spaces, is a testament to design.

A significant part of the discussion focused on the concept of design as a lifestyle choice. Mayra explored how our daily decisions, such as selecting a napkin or choosing furniture, are influenced by cultural trends, personal taste, and historical context. She highlighted that these seemingly small choices are deeply rooted in the design world.

Mayra takes a holistic approach to design, considering visual appeal and the interaction with our senses and emotions. She emphasized the importance of understanding the history and context behind our design choices, as this knowledge can enrich our appreciation and inform our decisions.

The talk also delved into the evolution of design, highlighting how it has adapted to societal changes and technological advancements. Mayra pointed out that today's design landscape is more diverse and inclusive, reflecting a broader range of lifestyles and preferences.

Another key aspect of the discussion was the role of design in personal branding. Mayra stressed the importance of being conscious of how we present ourselves to the world, as our choices in clothing, accessories, and even our living spaces can communicate a lot about who we are.

As the session concluded, Mayra left us with a powerful message: design is everywhere, and we must engage thoughtfully and creatively. She encouraged us to be more observant and appreciative of the design in our everyday lives, understanding that each element we interact with has a story and a purpose.

Stay tuned for more Spotdly Talks, where we will continue to explore the intersection of creativity, design, and lifestyle, learning and growing together.

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