May 8, 2024

spotdly talks 9th edition

- “conectar para comunicar” with Natalia Velasco
Natalia Velasco
psychologist, psychotherapist, and healer

Mastering Communication

We were thrilled to host Natalia Velasco again for our ninth edition of Spotdly Talks, titled "Conectar para Comunicar''. Natalia, a seasoned psychologist, delved deep into the essence of communication, emphasizing its role as the foundation of all personal and professional relationships.

Key Insights and Techniques

Natalia opened the session by discussing different communication styles—passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, and assertive. She explained the nuances of each style and their impact on interactions, providing participants with the tools to identify and adjust their communication approach to foster better understanding and cooperation.

Emphasizing Empathy and Connection

One of the core themes of the talk was the power of empathy in communication. Natalia illustrated how empathy can bridge gaps between individuals, allowing for more effective and compassionate exchanges. She encouraged us to practice empathetic listening as a way to deepen connections and enhance mutual understanding.

Practical Takeaways

Throughout the session, Natalia offered practical advice on improving communication skills, such as the importance of body language and tone, choosing words carefully, and being mindful of the emotional states of both the speaker and the listener. She noted that these skills are vital for resolving conflicts and building a supportive network at work and home.

Reflection and Future Applications

As the talk concluded, Natalia urged everyone to reflect on their daily communication patterns and to apply the lessons learned actively. She stressed that conscious communication is key to personal and professional growth and requires continuous practice and dedication.

Stay tuned for more Spotdly Talks, where we explore essential topics that impact our personal and professional lives.

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