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an ode to luxury

— the tropical exotic art gallery we created for Flor de Caña’s digital channels.

Luxury comes from fine details. That was our mindset while developing these ideas. The goal was to conceptualize and produce social media content to help our client, Flor de Caña, be recognized as one of the top luxury spirit brands in the world by solidifying their Luxury Portfolio with aspirational content to reach the consumer target’s mind.

Our creative team made a concept inspired by the sophisticated and polished feeling around museums and worked around the age statement of the brand.

– Spotdly Talk
‘’The level of craftsmanship and attention to detail we attained on these art pieces was both mesmerizing and incredibly rewarding’’.
Renée Tovar
Creative Director

From that interpretation, we staged sixteen different scenarios to tell fascinating stories that evoke this tropical exotic liquid's legacy, luxury, and lusciousness.

revealing the 130 legacy exhibit

Prepare to experience Flor de Caña’s rich history and contemplate modern innovation that will make you want to jump inside your device.

Modern, desirable, fashionable & disruptive content.

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Flor de Caña, it's a premium rum from a 5th-generation family estate since 1890. Crafted at the base of an active volcano in Nicaragua, Central America.


this art gallery was created by:

Client: Flor de Caña
Digital Marketing Lead: Antonella Sandino

Agency: Spotdly
VP Creative: Cesar Cabrera
Creative Director: Renée Tovar
Associate Creative Director & Copywriter: Mariangeles Rocha
Art Director: Renée Tovar
Production Coordinator: Valentina Jimenez
Project Manager: Silvia López
Customer Success Manager: Alejandra Pernalete

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