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— branding for a SaaS solution disrupting the event marketing industry 

the client’s request

From day one, the client presented us with his challenging and ambitious idea - to develop a solution for measuring the effectiveness of event marketing, which was sorely lacking in their industry and could provide a solution for various targets.

Our task was to create a branding strategy that would inspire innovation, just like the solution.

graphic design for Onxite's strategic branding

our strategy

Humanizing the brand was a crucial, we wanted to ensure that the tech component was not just seen as a cold, analytical tool but as an enabler of human experiences. By infusing warmth and personality into the brand, we created a unique visual style that resonated with both 
tech-savvy and human-centric audiences.

graphic design exploration for onxite's branding project

working with onxite is like having a crystal ball for event planning - it unlocks the secrets to success and empowers you to make data-driven decisions.

– Spotdly Talk
From conceptualization to UX design and strategy, it has been a pleasure to see how Onxite evolves. We look forward to continuing to be a part of the success of this amazing SaaS startup!
Eduardoluis Manchego
user experience design of the onxite's platform

the outcome

The idea behind Onxite is to convert analog experiences into digital knowledge. With this in mind, we created different approaches that reflected this concept. The outcome is a brand that embodies a modern, dynamic, and adaptable appearance.

We chose to use "the waves" as the main visual element, which complements the original typography designed for this project, giving it a refined and contemporary touch.

graphic design, branding waves proposal for onxite
graphic design, branding waves proposal for onxite
graphic design, branding waves proposal for onxite
graphic design, branding waves proposal for onxite
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Our work with Onxite extended beyond branding. In addition to creating a compelling brand identity, we launched their website, a whitepaper, and deep dive into the technological aspects of the project.

Our team had the opportunity to develop the platform for this SaaS solution, which required a strong understanding of the technical complexities involved. We worked closely with the Onxite team to ensure the platform met their needs and was optimized for flawless performance.

development and strategy - Onxite SaaS platform
development and strategy - Onxite SaaS platform
graphic design and strategy - Onxite's whitepaper
modern and innovative branding project for a startup


onxite was created by:

Client: Onxite
General Manager: Marco López
Industry: Event Marketing and Experiential

Spotdly Crew
Creative Director: Cesar Cabrera
Conceptualization: Eduardoluis Manchego
Graphic designer: Sergio Bolivar
Technology: Arturo Cabaleiro
Creative Copywriter: Mariangeles Rocha
Customer Success: Alejandra Pernalete
Project Manager: Silvia López

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